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-r--r--r--   Enabling support Linux 2.6.23 to fuse package/module
-r--r--r--   Enabling USB wireless dongle (0x0cde,0x001a) for zd1211rw on Linux 2.6.23
-r--r--r--   Patch for phptroubleticket that includes some features and correct many php warnings
-r--r--r--   Disabling insmod/modprobe calls into iptables-1.3.7
-r--r--r--   Fix bug on NIC sis900 for Linux 2.6.21
-r--r--r--   Transform your 2.6.18 in a with grsecure and Colivas patches
-r--r--r--   Patch for linux realtime logo
-r--r--r--   Patch of bootsplash for linux 2.6.15
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